seasonal local legends

Seasonal Local Legends — nothing shows love like giving locally grown and produced food!

Together with local legends Urban Hum, Whole Food Family, James and Rose, we are offering a home delivered Seasonal FeedBox that highlights not only some of Feedback’s finest handpicked seasonally grown produce but also some mighty fine delicious goodies from our locally loved food community. This extra special Feedbox is available as a one off or if you are already one of our regular subscribers and are keen for your taste buds to dance – you can simply add in a Seasonal Local Legends Extras pack.

Orders now being taken! (Last orders taken Monday 14th Dec for delivery Friday 18th and Wed 23rd December.) Send us an email, direct message or give us a call and choose between:

  • One off Seasonal Local Legends FeedBox $87
  • Seasonal Local Legends EXTRAS ONLY $37

Delivery dates over the Festive Season

We have a few changed harvest and delivery dates over the festive season – same delivered fresh vegetable goodness, just on a couple of different days!

Friday: 11 December

Friday: 18 December

Wednesday: 23 December

Wednesday: 30 December

Friday: 8 January

Seasonal Vegetable Triangles

a couple of good glugs of vegetable oil

1 onion finely diced

2 cloves of garlic finely diced

all your leafy greens – broccolini stems, silverbeet, sorrel

1 can of chickpeas drained

crumbly fetta

Lebanese 7 spice

salt to taste

ready made puff pastry

In a large pot add your onions, garlic, spices and gently fry off. Add leafy greens and chickpeas, then add only enough water to keep the mixture just from sticking. To much water will create a too sloppy of a mixture for the pastry to hold. Cook through until vegetables are soft and then leave to cool, adding crumbled fetta and stir through.

Defrost puff pastry sheets (or make your own pastry if you are a bit of a kitchen legend — in which case huzzah!) cut square sheet of pastry in triangles and and spoon mixture into the middle of one side of the sheet, press down the edges with finger tips and using a fork press again.

Cook at 200C until pastry is golden in colour and kitchen smells amazing- approximately 25 minutes or so. Eat vegetable triangles with a tidy little salad and perhaps a sweet chilli sauce.


Along with our Seasonal Local Legends – What’s growing in December?

Baby Beets . Basil . Broccolini . Cabbage . Carrots . Cucumber . Lettuce

Potatoes . Onions . Radishes . Salad greens . Silverbeet . Sorrel . Swiss Chard . Tomatoes . Turnips

 Just Been Laid Eggs

Subscribing to an organic veg box delivery like FeedBox means healthy, tasty vegetables at your door!