No waste

Did you know the majority of your home delivered Feedback Organic FeedBox can all be eaten- that’s roots, shoots and leaves. Otherwise known as root to stem eating, this is just another layer of our zero waste, closed loop of food waste into food, delivery service. Things like those lovely green carrot tops and radish greens? Yes, you can certainly eat all of them!

Firstly, there are a couple of different tips to follow when eating all of this healthy produce. When your box arrives, lay all your produce out and have a good look at it all. Dividing it up into what needs to be eaten straight away and what can be eaten in perhaps a few days. Within your FeedBox, your carrots and radishes will regularly come with their green tops on and it’s these little guys that you want to be looking at first. Dividing your tops from your bottoms, both can be stored in the fridge in the crisper section. Importantly, you want to be eating your greens straight up before they get to the wilted stage- that’s tops for now, bottoms for tomorrow. 

Now, what to do with those leafy stemmed greens? Here are a few options…

  • Carrot Top Pesto– no sweet basil, as it’s winter and basil won’t be poking it’s head around the corner for some time? Swap carrot top greens. A good pesto ratio takes a little practice and comes down to your own taste buds, but the basics of green herbs, garlic, nuts, parmesan and olive oil is a sure fire winner. Just don’t forget to wash your carrot tops before you process them. (Also, pine nuts are expensive and frequently not Australian grown- swap em’ for something else.)
  • Chop your carrot tops up and mix through a dish such as Tabbouleh as your parsley substitute. While carrot tops themselves are quite mild in flavour, by adding them to a bunch of coriander or mint, a squeeze of lemon juice and you are away!
  • Radish greens are great in a salad if the radish leaves are nice and young. Alternatively, try roasting the whole radish (leaf and all) or whack them in your pesto too! Radish greens can really be cooked though any dish as you would an other leafy green.


Would you like to get more involved in reducing your food waste?

Join a FoodCycle Bin. Don’t have one close by? Perhaps hosting a bin would suit you better?

Would like to know more about the Schools Future Program- how about you drop us a line.

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What’s in season for June?

Carrots . Broccoli . Coriander . Pumpkin . Daikon . Onions . Eggplant . Radishes . Baby Beets . Chillies . Potatoes . Salad greens .