Sometimes it’s good just to take stock for a minute, take in the moment and stop to smell the coriander. That’s what we have done this week at the farm. Obviously we are still growing for our vegetable box, however we’ve taken a minute, a brief pause, enjoying the beauty of what it is to have an urban farm here in Newcastle. (This Sunday at our next Open Day we also get to share that love — woohoo!)

While the whole farm is looking colourful and ready to bounce into spring, undoubtedly it’s the beets taking on centre show here at the farm, they are coming on like the blazes. Additionally the spring onions are looking mighty fine too (and looking to be ready soon) while the daikon continues with it’s strong game — at least for another few weeks or so! 

Next month Spring will have sprung and it will be time to plant out all our bee loving, pollinator friendly flower seedlings. If you are keen to beeee involved, tickets are now available for our next Feedback Spring Open Day via Eventbrite. (Both recent Open Day’s sold out ahead of time.)

  • All recipes that are created here at Feedback use as many vegetables as possible from our home delivery vegetable box — the FeedBox. Always with a focus on healthy, budget friendly, nutritious meals.

Pumpkin and Chickpea Warm Rice Salad


steamed rice

roasted pumpkin

canned chickpeas (drained)

crumbly fetta

salad greens

grated daikon (optional)

toasted cashews or almonds

First, taking a large pot, cook your rice and set aside when its done. In the meantime, roast some pumpkin pieces on a baking tray with a little drizzle of olive oil — baking at 200C. A dish like this is all about the assembling of ingredients, while balancing out both texture, health and taste. Now with the rice and pumpkin done, it’s time to build, layer and dress that salad.


In a glass jar, start by adding some caramelised balsamic vinegar, juice of a lemon, one teaspoon of dijon mustard, one clove of crushed and finely diced garlic, a couple of glugs of olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Mixing it all in well.

What’s in season for August?

 Just Been Laid Eggs

Baby Beets . Broccoli . Cabbage . Carrots . Cauliflower . Chillies . Coriander . Daikon .

Potatoes . Pumpkin . Onions . Radishes . Salad greens . Silverbeet . Snow Peas . Swiss Chard . Tomatoes (just)

Subscribing to a veg box delivery like FeedBox means healthy, tasty vegetables at your door!

Tickets for our next Family Open Day on the 23rd of August are now SOLD OUT, however, if you would like to book in for our Spring Open Day tickets are now available.