Matt harvesting the eggplants for last weeks FeedBox. Such beautiful weather we’ve been having, it’s been lovely at the farm!

Dhal is one of the most versatile dishes to make. No matter what sort of lentil you use, it’s a healthy, budget friendly base for countless dishes. Lucky for us, it also goes incredibly well with an abundance of vegetables. The FeedBox this week is similar in content throughout May, as these vegetables really are at their peak deliciousness!

What’s in the FeedBox this week?

Broccoli . Coriander . Onions . Pumpkin . Daikon . Eggplant . Radishes . Baby Beets . Chillies . Potatoes .

Salad greens .

Chunky Dhal








red lentils

teaspoon or so of cumin

another teaspoon or so of coriander

1 more teaspoon of turmeric

vegetable oil


salt to taste

natural yogurt

fresh coriander

Instructions: Gently fry in some vegetable oil, your diced garlic, onion and ginger. Add in your spices and cook until fragrant. Add in roughly chopped potatoes, carrots and pumpkin, then a cup or so of red lentils. Pour enough stock in to just cover the vegetable and lentil mixture- adding more if need be. Cook until all soft. Eat with rice, extra coriander, a dollop of natural yogurt and a little chilli sauce.

Still need a few other dinner ideas? Try this tofu salad- or switch the tofu round for chicken!

For coriander, daikon, radish- Kickin’ it Tofu Salad